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I'm working on a new show. Here's where I'm trying it out:

16th April, Top Secret Comedy Club, London

27th April, Rosemary Branch Theatre, London

May 2nd, Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton

May 26th, Cambridge Comedy Festival, Cambridge

June 8th, Exeter Comedy Festival, Exeter 

June 9th, Smoke and Mirrors, Bristol

June 15th, Hastings Comedy Festival, Hastings

June 22nd, Rosemary Branch Theatre, London

June 23rd, Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol (on sale soon)

June 24th, Bill Murray Pub, London

June 25th, Top Secret Comedy Club, London

July 6th, Falmouth Cringe Festival, Falmouth

July 7th, ARG Comedy Festival, London (on sale soon)

July 14th, Kings Head Theatre, London

July 18th, Oxford Comedy Festival, Oxford (on sale soon)

July 20th, Comedy Crate, Northampton (on sale soon)

July 24th, Pleasance Theatre, London (on sale soon)

July 26th, Manchester (on sale soon)

July 27th, Omnibus Theatre, Clapham (on sale soon)

And then I'm doing the finished version at the Edinburgh Fringe. Tickets here

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