Truth and fiction knock lumps out of each other on the battleground of a pale, malnourished man’s body and mind. A nonsense delve into identity, ambition and the lies we tell ourselves to get out of bed in the morning. Expect absurdist stand-up, sort-of character sketches, unnatural smiling and a callous lack of emotional pay-off.



In 2015 I performed my debut hour comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe. I knew nothing about how the fringe worked. I had no agent, no PR. My show was on at 1.30pm, at a venue no-one had heard of, performed to an average audience of 6 people a day.

Praise for Adventures In Limited Space:

Nominated for Best Newcomer Chortle Awards 2016


‘one of the most creative but funny shows I've seen this year’


The Mirror


‘deserves recognition for doing something a little different with the art form’




‘perfectly and intricately performed’